Guatemala "País de la Eterna Primavera"

Carol, “TheTropicalCompass” a traveler and wander luster from Puerto Rico has been hopping around the world since 2016. She started with the, “dream that I could travel and work at the same time from any part of it.” Hoping to make a new office in every destination she visited. She has extensive experience in hotel industry for where she worked for 6 years. Unfortunately due to the pandemic, Carol was let go from her position. But she knew that life was much more than just a 9-5. “I knew this was the escape of the routine I was looking for.” It was time for her to grab her bag and start exploring.

During this escape she has done internal tourism in her native Puerto Rico, visited far off locations such as Guatemala, Peru, Colombia, Greece, New York, Italy, France, Thailand, Iceland, Mexico,
and so many more beautiful culturally rich locations.

“To travel is to live. Traveling showed me that we’re all the same no matter where we live. I learn about culture, history, architecture, culinary and more little things along the way with my backpack and my camera. It made me open my mind and get out of that little bubble we’ve been raised on.”

“Latinx is more than just a word. It’s a vibe, a movement with different flavors, my culture, my home. Everywhere we go, we represent, we make ourselves feel in any country we visit and people know, we’re latinx! Can’t feel more proud than that.”

“Latinx Travel Club is just more than just an Instagram page. It’s family, a point where every Latinx gathers to meet with other Latinxs around the world. It’s a space to learn more about other cultures and I’m more than thankful to be part of this.

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