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We connect the world with one of the youngest, most diverse, and fastest growing populations ever by telling the stories of our Latinx millennial and generation z entrepreneurial community.

Our platforms include:

  • Latinx Travel, which creates articles, lists, and videos based on the millennial travel enthusiast.
  • Latinx Techx & Entrepreneur, which discusses the latest trends in technology and innovation. Also, providing entrepreneurs with information to empower them as small business owners.
  • Latinx Fitx & Wellness, which promotes healthy lifestyle choices and self care.
  • Latinx Múxica & Films, which highlights new artists, promotes representation in films and keeps the music vibe flowing.
  • Our Summit, which is the annual culmination of our efforts focusing on tech, travel and media. A space to bring our community together to gain insights, network, connect brands and grow together as a unit.
“We celebrate the Beauty, Diversity and Power of Latinx”