ESTILO LATAM Launches to Showcase Latin American Fashion Talent Globally

ESTILO LATAM Launches to Showcase Latin American Fashion Talent Globally
ESTILO LATAM Launches to Showcase Latin American Fashion Talent Globally

Estilo Latinx (ESTILO-X) has been rebranded as Estilo Latam! The leadership team, known as "Las founders" of Estilo Latam, Stefany Hernandez, Rosario Ochoa, and Annie Grijalva, are thrilled to announce this inclusive fashion experience showcasing Latin American talent with a touch of music, tech, and wine. This initiative began in Napa Valley and is now expanding with presentations and talks around the world, including New York, Barcelona, and Miami.

"We are excited to announce a rebranding initiative that marks a significant milestone in the evolution of the brand. The transformation embraces music, wine, and technology as we are very close to the world's hub of innovation in Silicon Valley, and we started hosting in the beautiful and multicultural Napa Valley. With this new concept, we aim to redefine Latin America's inclusive fashion presence globally. LATAM(short for Latin America) represents our community on a global scale. Therefore, we have made the exciting transition to Estilo Latam." Mentioned Stefany Hernandez, co-founder and operations director at Estilo Latam.

Migration Winery made history last year by hosting the inaugural Estilo Latam Fashion Show. The sold-out event was a vibrant celebration of Latino culture, resonating with passion and talent. The event successfully achieved its goal of celebrating the contributions of talented makeup artists, creative hairstylists, captivating models, and innovative fashion designers. 

"I dreamed of making Napa Valley the home of now Estilo Latam. As a creative director, I have had the opportunity to work during New York Fashion Week and at several luxury fashion events in Los Angeles. Every time I attended one of these events, I asked myself, "Why can't we do something like this with our culture inNapa?" I knew it couldn't be just another fashion show; it had to be meaningful and, of course, beautiful. In my line of work, fashion aesthetics are important, but I always say that it is only noticeable if it is a source of joy for the person who is wearing it. I dream of bringing opportunities to feel and look beautiful to our community, a place where we give visibility to all voices, and so here it is: Meet Estilo Latam!" In the words of RosarioOchoa, co-founder and creative director at Estilo Latam.


Estilo Latam is about celebrating history, heritage and community. It showcases the power of collective union in the Latino culture. Beyond just acting as a fashion platform, it provides opportunities for local Latino-led businesses to be part of the movement. 


"We are not just another fashion platform presenting collections for the sake of pretty pictures. At Estilo Latam, our approach is more commercial and global than typical fashion productions. We unite all cultures and provide visibility to talent while also bringing business to our Latino-led businesses. Every person who contributes and works with us at Estilo Latam comes from a Latino background, showcasing our commitment to diversity and excellence. Previous vendors in Napa Valley were Latino-led businesses, and this year will be no different. We recognize that our community is affected by political and economic changes, which is why we are now present not just in Latin America but around the world. We are confident that by celebrating our culture globally, we can promote prosperity and bridge the gap for our Hispanic community." Mentioned Annie Grijalva, co-founder and communications director at Estilo Latam.


The new date of the next edition of Estilo Latam is June 27, 2024. Tickets will go live on sale soon via their website and social media platforms.


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