"Kevvy Kevv"

"Kevvy Kevv"
"Kevvy Kevv"

Kevin @KevykevvWorldwide, a seasoned traveler with over 15 years of experience. Having been to over 40 countries, through his travels, Kevin has been exposed to many cultures and has brought those experiences to other LatinX travelers.

“Being a first gen here in the States has allowed me to have many opportunities that unfortunately my parents didn’t have. They’ve always motivated me to continue to follow my dreams and once they saw my passion for motivating the masses to travel, they were behind me 100%” 

Growing up in a Dominican household, where traveling back to Kevin's native country wasn’t out of the ordinary, has inspire him to do what he does today. Being able to see and experience poverty first hand, at such a young age, catapulted him to begin philanthropical efforts to help other young kids around the world to have an opportunity at life! 

“Visiting some of these 3rd world countries through all of my travels, has given me a new perspective of understanding for community.  I am humbled to have been able to sit and speak with people from different backgrounds because it has taught me so much about life and how I can make a difference” 

Kevin has been part of the LatinX Travel club for the past year, displaying his passions for the Latinx community and inspiring likeminded people, to open up and explore the world. One of Kevin's goals is to ensure that our people learn the pro’s and con’s about traveling and by sharing his experiences through his social media outlets, influencing many other fellow travelers to pack their bags and travel!

“Being part of the LatinXTravel club has opened up so many opportunities for me specifically because I’ve been able to meet so many people that share some of the same qualities as me and have the same interest. It’s important for us to be part of a community like this that was created by us, for us. Having a safe space where we share, participate and learn has been an experience of a lifetime and I am proud to be a member of a family that represents us”

Visiting properties, hotels, airbnbs & restaurants are part of Kevin's daily travel routine, but then you’ll never know if he’s going to be hiking or down by the beach. "Regardless of what it is, you’re going to learn something new." He recently began working for the airline industry, his career passion "travel." Kevin continues to make content around the world, with his ultimate life goal to motivate the Latinx community to explore!

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