"Wandering Stefany"

"Wandering Stefany"
"Wandering Stefany"

Stefany Hernandez, "Wandering Stefany," San Francisco Native with roots from El Salvador, a proud daughter of two immigrant parents. Stefany's first trip, she recounts was to El Salvador was when she was 7 years old. "That was the first time I experienced having to step out of my comfort zone. I’m grateful that my parents always made sure I never forgot about my Salvi roots." 

"This last decade has made me realize my absolute passion for travel. I’ve learned so much about myself by traveling to different countries across the world, interacting and conversing with people that have completely different cultural values than me, and taking the leap of stepping out of my comfort zone."

Stefany's passion is driven by her public service career, working for a Bay Area county Adult Protective Services. She investigates reports of abuse and neglect of seniors and adults with disabilities. All other hours of the day and week, you will find Stefany with her husband, Gordi, on the go- often traveling and creating content. 

"As my husband and I travel across the globe, we notice that we (the Latinx community) are not widely represented in the travel industry. It’s time to change that! I created @wanderingstefany to diversify the face of travel by creating travel content. My husband Gordi is the man behind the camera that captures and edits my travel content. We hope to inspire our fellow Latinx community to step out of their comfort zone by traveling. There’s so much out there to explore and the world is yours!"

Some of Stefany's core values aligns with her vision for creativity, positivity, adventure, and respect for all! Her second passion is body positivity and helping curvy/plus size girls/ladies/women feel empowered through fashion. 

"Before I graduated college, I worked as a Retail Artist for MAC Cosmetics for 5 years. And later as a freelance MUA for 7 years, which included makeup for weddings, fashion shows, individual lessons and special events."

One of Stefany's goals is to be featured in Latina magazine and talk about her two passions: travel and curvy fashion. "I find inspiration in bright colors, culture, unique doors, and florals." 

"Hablo Español!" One of Stefany's other goals is to eventually make her community bilingual English/Spanish. "I have a huge desire to share my content within Latin America." 

"Travel has changed my life in more ways than I could ever express. Travel is my education in life and has helped me expand my horizon. It’s also helped me become a critical thinker. That is one of the driving forces as to why I decided to start creating travel content. Hoping that seeing the world through my lens inspires you to visit a place you’ve never been before!"
"The Latinx Culture to me is a forward thinking and an inclusive community of people of Latin descent. Breaking old school barriers and norms, and showing the world that this is unapologetically who we are. Latinx Culture to me includes the amazing food, the language, the incredible art and let’s not forget about la música!"

"Latinx Travel Club— I loveeee everything you’re doing for la cultura! You are the best platform to meet like minded Latinx traveler leaders!'

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