Remembering Vicente Fernandez

Remembering Vicente Fernandez
Remembering Vicente Fernandez

Remembering Vicente Fernandez

The Latinx community is mourning the loss of a legend, the king of ranchera music, Vicente Fernandez. The artist also known as “Chente” , “El Rey” and “El ídolo de Mexico” passed away on Sunday morning at the age of 81. He died in Guadalajara and home state of Jalisco.

“Chente” emerged from the ranches of Mexico in the 90’s, where you would always hear him singing with his mariachi band.

He recorded hundreds of songs throughout his career and received a series of accolades: a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, three Grammy Awards and eight Latin Grammy Awards, to name a few.

“He was known for giving epic, hourslong concerts, communing directly with his fans and taking swigs from bottles of alcohol that were offered to him. Known fondly as “Chente,” he would tell his audiences that “as long as you keep applauding, your ‘Chente’ won’t stop singing.” -New York Times

“Chente” will forever live as a cultural icon who helped popularize ranchera music.

“Vicente Fernández is the (Frank) Sinatra of ranchera music. He’s the supreme singer; the man who does things his way.”
-The Houston Chronicle

Pictured below:

Latinx artist and athletes showing their respect for the late artist.

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